About the Company

You get up in the morning, pour water into the kettle, the water boils quickly,
You grind fresh coffee beans in the grinder, throw them into the brewer,
The toast is already baking in the toaster,
There's butter sizzling in the pan, and you're about to fry delicious morning scrambled eggs,
Another glass of juice for the child and a bowl of delicious muesli…
What a beautiful morning!

A few STALMAN products and your day starts better!
And that's why STALMAN :)

STALMAN is a brand established in 2006. STALMAN means household products. STALMAN means
products that respond to your needs. STALMAN offers a wide range of products,
good quality and affordable price. STALMAN is still a young, but already well-known brand, enjoying the reputation of being reliable and solid. You will find STALMAN products in many kitchens, on many tables…

You have been able to find STALMAN products in most of the hypermarket chains you know for almost 10 years.

Now we have the pleasure of being even closer to you. Thanks to our online store
www.sklep.stalman.pl we are also present in your home.

We cordially invite you to shop!